UNESCO, St. Mary's Biosphere. St. Kitts


An Inter-Ministerial Conference on Biosphere reserves in the Caribbean Sub-region is scheduled to take place within the Federation of St. Kitts Nevis on 26 – 27 March 2013.  The concept of this initiative aimed at finding solutions to issues related to climate change, sea-level rise, as well as alleviation of poverty and sustainable development for the inhabitants of our Caribbean territories.  Indeed the Caribbean Small Island States face unique challenges in these areas and thus UNESCO has conceptualized the vision locally and so St. Kitts and Nevis has become the first approved Biosphere Reserve of UNESCO among the Caribbean Small Island Developing States.

The principle objectives of this event include:

  1. Galvanize participants in discussing the possibility of the creation of network of Biosphere Reserves in the Caribbean Small island States.

  2. Facilitate discussion on the identification of the required course of action and the establishment of the territories without.

  3. Explore ways of prioritizing Biosphere Reserves as tools for innovation projects bringing added value to the local socio-economical activities, particularly in the already existing Biosphere Reserves (St. Kitts and Nevis)

A primary object is also to secure the engagement of Ministers of Government in the unique nature of the Biosphere Reserve (MAB) as an influential factor linked to the dimensions of sustainable development, economic, ecological, political and cultural sustainability.

A committee for this action plan has been established and plans are positively proceeding for the hosting of this significant programme to be held here. UNESCO National Commission will be playing a vital role in this event which no doubt will make a significant contribution to the development of our nation and the small island states of the Caribbean.

Overseas participants are expected to attend this conference and various national organizations and related Government institutions will be expected to participate and contribute to this conference.  Consideration will also be given to the involvement of schools as well and overseas Ministers of Government are also scheduled to participate and will also be given to Tourism related initiatives as well.  The programme is also expected to highlight the important role of UNESCO in the overall strategic management of this significant project.

We do look forward to the positive support and input of our nationals as together we strive to sustain and enhance our nation.


Date: March 26, 2013
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